Commissioner Starks Delivers Remarks at US Tech for Climate Action

On March 21, Federal Communications Commissioner Geoffrey Starks delivered remarks at the US Tech for Climate Action Conference. Starks spoke about his perspective on climate action in his role as a Commissioner of the FCC. "In my mind, meeting the climate challenge is about a sustained effort and a sustained dialogue, both in and out of government, to reduce our emissions and secure opportunities in a clean energy economy," said Starks. Commissioner Starks concluded with two suggestions for the communications and technology industry. "First, as we focus on enabling others to reduce emissions, we should also find ways to reduce our carbon footprint ourselves," he said. "Second, see what you can do to make more of the future happen today. Ingenuity isn’t just about doing something no one has thought of before ... So invest, incubate, partner, and scale."

Starks Remarks at U.S. Tech for Climate Action