Commissioner O'Rielly Remarks at NTCA Legislative & Policy Conference

It seems only appropriate to take this opportunity to discuss my involvement in just some of the substantive Federal Communications Commission issues that NTCA - The Rural Broadband Association and its members have cared deeply about:

  • I led the 2016 rate-of-return reform item that allowed Universal Service Fund support for standalone broadband offerings;
  • I championed the creation of a truly voluntary cost model for rate-of-return providers, better known as A-CAM, and secured its adoption at the Commission;
  • I fought and continue to fight to preserve the right of rate-of-return carriers to remain on legacy support and not be forced to the model;
  • I led the Commission’s efforts to adopt the so-called “punch list” of rate-of-return reform ideas and fixes that painstakingly took so long to approve;
  • I helped craft and implement the Alaska Plan for increased broadband buildout in the toughest terrain in our great nation;
  • I demanded that extra rate-of-return tribal support go to only those providers that actually need it—without exceptions in the absence of just cause—as every dollar spent inefficiently or unnecessarily comes at the expense of another deserving carrier and their customers;
  • When faced with evidence of the need for an expanded rate-of-return budget, I was at the forefront of endorsing such action; and
  • I have advocated for and supported numerous efforts to strike or reduce unnecessary and burdensome FCC regulations imposed on your businesses – with more to come.

Commissioner O'Rielly Remarks at NTCA Legislative & Policy Conference FCC's O'Rielly Vows to Keep Fighting Overbuilding (Multichannel News)