Colorado Broadband Roadmap Details Five-Year Plan for Connecting Colorado Households to High-Speed Internet

Colorado’s five-year plan for investing millions of federal funding to expand fast, reliable, and affordable broadband across the state. The Roadmap was developed in coordination with the Colorado Digital Government Strategic Plan to ensure all Coloradans, as well as future generations, have equitable opportunities to access the countless benefits provided by high-speed internet. CBO encourages feedback on the Broadband Roadmap and will continue to travel throughout the state talking about affordability, accessibility, and digital literacy. The public will have an opportunity to submit feedback on the Roadmap from October 11 to November 22, 2022. Find the Broadband Roadmap plus a video overview and public comment form here.

Colorado Broadband Roadmap Details State’s Five-Year Plan for Connecting 99% of Colorado Households to High-Speed Internet