Chairman Pai Remarks at Global Symposium for Regulators in Geneva

[Speech] The Federal Communications Commission has launched an across-the-board review to identify regulations that need to be revised or repealed altogether. Beyond cutting rules that slow network buildout, we’re promoting investment in next-generation networks with a smarter regulatory approach. I often say that dumb pipes won’t deliver smart cities. That’s why we reversed the previous Administration’s decision to impose 20th century utility-style regulations on our 21st century networks. In its place, we have restored the market-based, flexible, lighttouch network approach that governed the Internet for much of its existence.

As we think about these emerging technologies, and the theme of new regulatory frontiers, our focus at the International Telecommunication Union should be delivering broadband connectivity for all. That will help extend the promise of Artificial Intelligence, blockchain, virtual and augmented reality, and other technologies to all, regardless of nationality or background. Connectivity is the core of ITU’s mission. It is where the ITU can have the most impact. And unlike regulatory intervention—which can deter innovation and detract from scarce public and private resources—a focus on connectivity can unite us as we seek to promote more innovation and greater international unity.

Chairman Pai Remarks at Global Symposium for Regulators in Geneva Pai Calls 2015 Open Internet Order 'Dumb Pipes' Approach (Multichannel News)