Can A TV Show Get Girls More Into Tech?

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Tech outlets across the web have named it “brogramming culture.” And tons of organizations tirelessly work to combat it. It is the overwhelming scarcity of women in tech.

The general method to improve female-to-male ratios in tech companies is to attract women to the field early on, by encouraging them to take computer science classes in high school and college.

Recently the toys and games industry has targeted the youngest girls, with products like Computer Engineer Barbie and GoldiBlox. And now, a tech executive wants to get the entertainment industry on board.

Anthony Onesto, director of talent development at Razorfish, is finishing up an Indiegogo campaign to get a new children's cartoon off the ground, called Ella the Engineer. The campaign aims to raise $25,000 by April 27th to produce the pilot, aiming for outlets like Nickelodeon and the Disney Channel. Thinking of his daughters, he realized that girls are poorly exposed to the possibilities of a tech career from a young age.

“There is no hero, no heroine in their lives, particularly in the media and the shows that they are watching, that has this computer science background,” he says.

Can A TV Show Get Girls More Into Tech?