Who should get to decide what you put on your iPod? You or the MPAA?

Panel Discussion and FREE CONCERT on Oct. 24

WHAT: The celebration of your media rights!

WHEN/WHERE: Oct. 24, 2007

Panel Discussion - 5:30 pm, Wechsler Theater, 3rd Fl., Mary Graydon Center, American University


Pat Aufderheide - Center for Social Media, American University
Fritz Attaway - Executive VP and Special Policy Advisor, Motion Picture Association of America, Inc. (MPAA)
Samantha Murphy - Singer/Songwriter and Owner, SMTVMusic.com
Michael Petricone, Sr. VP of Government Affairs, Consumer Electronics Association (CEA)
FREE Concert - 7:30 pm, The Tavern, 1st Fl., Mary Graydon Center

Samantha Murphy, Independent Singer/Songwriter (SMTVMusic.com)

The Digital Freedom Campaign protects the rights of artists, innovators and consumers to use digital technology free of unreasonable government restrictions or punitive lawsuits, and to ensure that everyone is treated fairly.


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