Unlicensed Spectrum and Incentive Auctions

Federal Communications Commission
Friday, November 8, 2013
9:30 am -- 12:30 pm

The workshop will include two panels:

Panel 1 will address the benefits and uses of unlicensed spectrum, including:

  • Types and performance of current and future white spaces databases, equipment and deployments, and related economic benefits;
  • Opportunities for small businesses, women- and minority-owned businesses, and rural areas to benefit from deployment of unlicensed devices;
  • Examples of the uses and beneficiaries of unlicensed technologies, including white spaces technologies;
  • Integration, technological characteristics and use differences among white space devices and other unlicensed devices;
  • Trade-offs of deploying unlicensed devices in the TV bands versus other spectrum bands;
  • International development of white spaces technologies; and
  • Policy options to promote future unlicensed innovation

Panel 2 will address technical aspects of unlicensed operations in the 600 MHz band, including:

  • Technical characteristics and potential uses of 600 MHz guard band spectrum for unlicensed devices and how it compares to TV white spaces;
  • Amount of spectrum necessary to enable unlicensed technologies in the repacked TV bands, including implications of channel bonding, and impact of consistent, nationwide availability;
  • Technical considerations related to coexistence of multiple services in the 600 MHz band;
  • Technical and operational considerations related to enabling wireless microphones to successfully operate; and
  • Implications of incumbent services in Channel 37 on design and deployment of wireless broadband systems in the 600 MHz band