Understanding the Mega-Merger Conditions

Inside the FCC's Approval of the SBC/AT&T and Verizon/MCI Mergers
Wednesday, December 7th ~ 2 pm - 3:30 pm ET
Price: $299

The FCC's approval of these two groundbreaking mergers comes with a long list of "enforceable conditions" which the companies must satisfy. And, virtually all of the conditions are aimed at allaying well-founded industry concerns that the consolidation of such immense market power means less price competition, diminished innovation, and fewer choices. The FCC's conditions affect carriers and end-users alike, and impact services from UNE loops and transport and interstate special access, and range from freezing prices for select services to the new companies having to divest dark fiber capacity in major metropolitan markets.

But as always, the devil is in the details - FCC insiders are expecting the order to exceed 250 pages - and that's why we've organized this special 90-minute audio. features top-rated speaker, Andy Regitsky, an industry veteran who's an expert at boiling down complex FCC rulings and documents to reveal their impact on you.

Join Andy and your peers and you'll:

Understand how and why CLECs can expect a boost in key markets when impairment triggers for dedicated transport and hi-cap loops are recalculated in all of Verizon's and SBC's markets.

Get the details on the condition that freezes UNE rates for 24 months.

Find out what the freeze on Verizon's and SBC's wholesale special access rates means for competitors and end users. Remember, most end user contracts with interexchange carriers include "re-sold" special access in the deal.

Discover which cities are affected by the dark fiber divestiture mandate...and who is likely to snap up the capacity and under what terms and conditions.

See if the "Service Quality Measurement Plan" for interstate special access offers any real protection for buyers.

Learn if the freeze on local DS-3 and DS-1 private line protects only existing customers...and if so, what pricing can you expect for new orders.

Tough and important questions all...and these are just a few. NOTE: The FCC's conditions cover DSL and internet services too. Participating in this audio conference is the best way for you to cut through the noise, and quickly and accurately understand the ins and outs of each condition imposed - and where the opportunities and pitfalls are for your company.

Top-Rated Expert Speaker:
Andy Regitsky
President, Regitsky & Associates

Andy Regitsky provides regulatory policy expertise to local and long-distance carriers. Mr. Regitsky's 16 years of experience in access charges, interconnection, universal service and telecom regulation make him the industry's foremost access and interconnection expert. Prior to forming Regitsky & Associates, he held senior positions at MCI and AT&T and also served as CompTel's Vice President of State Affairs.