Media Education Teach-In and Summit

On June 5th, the day before Free Press' National Conference for Media Reform, the national leadership of the Action Coalition for Media Education (ACME) will conduct a special one day teach-in. You will learn a host of useful media literacy education 2.0 tips, tools, techniques, and strategies. Walk away with the knowledge, skills and civic spirit desperately needed to challenge big media...and win! ACME offers the most accessible methods for leading average people to an appreciation of what they don't know about censorship in our culture. Use our new and expanded tools of media literacy education (2.0) to motivate citizens, parents and students in ways that turn them into media reform activists who will be able to motivate people toward media reform or any cause.

ACME is a national media education nonprofit run entirely by citizen/teacher volunteers, a grassroots coalition that takes NO FUNDING from Big Media corporations and their subsidiaries. ACME's unique approach to media education 2.0 involves teaching citizens of all ages how to more effectively access, analyze, and produce media. ACME's success stems from an innovative, research-based and interactive approach to teaching media education skills, knowledge, and activism in an engaging way. Our coalition is led by veteran teachers with years of successful classroom experience working with students of all ages.

The price is $79.00. To register visit our ACME Summit 2008 registration page.

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The ACME Summit takes place in the Hyatt Regency hotel. It is located next to the convention center. For more information, email Bob McCannon at [email protected] or call (505) 839-9702.