Internet Governance and Regulation: What Should Be Government's Role?

The Brookings Institution
November 15, 2010

As the Internet increasingly drives global commerce and social connectedness, the debate about government's role in Internet governance and regulation intensifies. Proponents of Internet self-governance argue that market forces and self-regulation can go a long way toward ensuring order and standards of good behavior. Advocates for government intervention believe the Internet requires more regulation in order to flourish as a public good.

On November 15, the Center for Technology Innovation at Brookings will host a forum on the policy issues and challenges of Internet governance. David Cohen, Comcast Corporation executive vice president, will present a keynote address outlining models for Internet self-governance. Moderated by Governance Studies Director Darrell West, a panel of industry and academic experts will examine arguments on the roles of self-governance and government involvement in promoting an open Internet.

After the program, speakers and panelists will take audience questions.