Have Broadband Networks Peaked, or Is the Best Yet to Come?

Fiber Broadband Association and CommScope

Thursday, May 27, 2021 - 12:00pm to 1:00pm
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Virtual Event

A webinar with CommScope's Zoran Maricevic, Engineering Fellow, Access Technologies and CTO Network Solutions group.

This webinar will use real market examples going through broadband network's "business as usual" upgrades and compare those costs to the FTTP ones, both in CAPEX and OPEX. For OPEX, comparisons on network power consumption, material, and truck roll costs for actives, passives, fiber and coax maintenance, and the drop line maintenance and replacement will be given.

In addition, the net present value (NPV) of the expected FTTP OPEX savings will be compared to the investments required to achieve the savings (Think -- calculating a payoff for a solar-powered home system without giving credit to all the environmental benefits, but for Broadband Networks).

Panelist: Zoran Maricevic is an Engineering Fellow for CommScope CTO Network Solutions group, focused on Access Technologies for Broadband Systems. Zoran was part of DOCSIS 4.0 PHY working group that drafted the latest D4.0 PHY specs.

Recent Research Includes:

  • Total cost of ownership modeling for building and operating both “business-as-usual” and futuristic networks, as well as comparing tradeoffs of various upgrade options
  • Various network architecture tradeoffs, with focus on capacity, cost, robustness and resiliency

While with Philips Broadband Networks, C-COR, and ARRIS, Zoran touched on many aspects of HFC & FTTP networks, from leading teams in design of analog and digital optical links, to looking at big-picture value propositions and tradeoffs of various network architecture innovations.

Zoran holds a Dipl. Eng. EE from University of Belgrade, MS and PhD from Syracuse University, and MBA in Finance and Entrepreneurial Management from Wharton School of business. He is a licensed professional engineer in the state of New York and has several dozens of papers and patents to his name.