Getting Our Arms Around E-Rate Reform and Private Sector Commitments to Fund Broadband Educational Initiatives

Broadband US TV and SHLB Coalition
March 31st

Broadband US TVis pleased to announce its next upcoming Broadband US TV live webcast, , produced in association with the SHLB Coalition,March 31st at 1 PM ET, featuring Jim Baller and Marty Stern as moderators for a high caliber panel of telecom experts. Your organization has been identified as an excellent interview candidate to be featured in a sponsored segment during this well-trafficked live and on-demand webcast.

Broadband US TV (www.BroadbandUS.TV) is an Internet TV Channel on the TV Worldwide Network ( dedicated to producing and featuring important events surrounding the adoption of broadband. This channel has attracted national attention for the quality of its live programming where top level communications decision makers and stakeholders engage in interviews and debate issues relating to evolving broadband initiatives. From FCC Commissioners to C-Level communications executives, Broadband US TV serves as the digital media forum for these leaders to make important announcements that make headlines in the broadband industry trade press.

As part of the channel’s live webcast series, Broadband US TV features sponsored interviews with prominent companies in the Broadband and Telecom sectors. These interviews, pre-recorded in our studio near Washington D.C. in person of via Skype or phone, highlight your organization and will be featured alongside webcast panel sessions during the on-line live webcast and as an on-demand video archive on Broadband US TV for a full year after the webcast. A DVD of the interview will also be provided for your organization’s unlimited use. Please click here for the Sponsored Webcast Interview Opportunity Package to reserve your spot during the webcast.

A representative of Broadband US TV will contact you shortly about this March 31, 2014 live webcast, , sponsored interview opportunity, or please feel free to contact Dave Gardy at (703) 961-9250 Ext. 221 or [email protected] for more information.