The Fourth Industrial Revolution: Enabled by 5G?

Georgetown Center for Business and Public Policy

Wednesday, April 27, 2022 - 12:00pm to 12:30pm
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Virtual Event

We live in an era defined by speed and change. All of the new technologies that make life easier, safer, and healthier require permanent availability and incredible data transfer speeds to deliver real-time results. 5G at its peak could be instrumental for developing applications unlike anything that exists today outside a wired or laboratory environment. Beyond faster speeds and low latency, 5G standards have a much higher connection density, allowing networks to handle immense numbers of connected devices. Experts believe this massive connectivity among “things” and processes will be tantamount to a Fourth Industrial Revolution. This level of connectivity is expected to create a whole new crop of internet-connected industries where none existed before, with some referring to it as the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

We’ll explore how private networks, distributed data centers, and swarms of smart devices could fundamentally change industries like automotive, healthcare, education, agriculture, and transportation. We’ll identify potential policy and regulatory obstacles that could prevent this bold, new future from becoming a reality. We’ll discuss the opportunities for businesses and consumers should this future take hold sooner rather than later.