Forum on Future of Wireless Band Plans

Technological Advisory Council
Federal Communications Commission
Monday, July 16, 2012
9:30 am
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The FCC's Technological Advisory Council will be holding a forum on the future of wireless band plans on Monday, July 16, 2012. This forum will serve to launch a continuing dialogue between the FCC and key industry stakeholders and will explore the technological issues affecting wireless band plan design. The forum will include discussions on the impact of developments in filter technology on band planning, LTE trends and their implications for future band plans, and network operator perspectives on band plan design.

9:30 AM Opening Remarks
Julius Genachowski, Chairman, FCC
Introductory Remarks Marty Cooper, Chairman & Co-Founder, Dyna LLC

9:50 AM Filter Design Tutorial William Mueller, Strategic Marketing Manager, Avago

10:15 AM Panel #1: Filter Technology and its Impact on Band Planning

Michael Ha, Electronics Engineer, Office of Engineering & Technology, FCC
Walter Johnston, Chief, ECD, Office of Engineering & Technology, FCC

Arthur S. Morris III, Chief Technical Officer, WiSpry
Benjamin Abbott, Corporate Fellow, TriQuint Semiconductor
Gene Tkachenko, Senior Director of Engineering, Skyworks Solutions, Inc.
William Mueller, Strategic Marketing Manager, Avago
Jeff Shamblin, Chief Scientist, Ethertronics

11:30 AM Lunch Break

2:45 PM FCC Thoughts on Future Band Plans Presentation

1:00 PM Panel #2: LTE Trends and their Implications on Band Planning

Chris Helzer, Electronics Engineer, Wireless Telecommunications Bureau, FCC
Brian Daly, Director in Office of CTO-Strategic Standards, AT&T

Stephen Wilkus, Distinguished Member of Technical Staff, Alcatel Lucent
Erika Tejedor, Senior Systems Management Engineer, Ericsson
Bill Aberth, Chief Technical Officer, Motorola Mobility
Al Jette, Head of North America Industry Environment, Nokia Siemens Network
Peter Gaal, Principal Engineer, Qualcomm

2:00 PM Panel #3: Network Operator Perspectives on Band Plan Design

Tom Peters, Chief Engineer, Wireless Telecommunications Bureau, FCC
Brian Markwalter, VP of Technology & Standards, Consumer Electronics Association

Iyad Tarazi, Vice President of Network Development & Engineering, Sprint
George Harter, Director of Access Development, Clearwire
Dan Wilson, Principal Engineer, T-Mobile
Tom Sawanobori, Vice President, Technology, Verizon
Doug Hyslop, Rural Cellular Association Representative

3:00 PM Closing Remarks Julie Knapp, Chief, Office of Engineering & Technology, FCC