Engineers’ View of Network Management, Specialized Services and Net Neutrality

Information Technology and Innovation Foundation
Wednesday, February 25
1:00 PM - 2:30 PM

On the eve of the FCC vote on the legal framework of its Open Internet Order, ITIF gathers a panel of expert engineers to discuss their views on network management and net neutrality.

Notably absent from the last year of net neutrality debate was a rigorous, scientific definition of terms. For example, what do we mean by a “fast lane”? Other questions will persist, regardless of the legal path the FCC chooses: What techniques or practices are involved in network management and how should we determine if they are reasonable? Are there ways to ensure quality of service without negatively impacting other applications? What trade-offs are foreclosed by a rigid net neutrality regime? How should we approach regulation of specialized services, if at all?

This event is free, open to the public, and complies with ethics rules. This event will be live webcast and recorded.


Doug Brake
Telecommunications Policy Analyst, Information Technology and Innovation Foundation

Charles Jackson
Adjunct Professor of Electrical Engineering, George Washington University

Jon Peha
Former Chief Technologist, U.S. Federal Communications Commission