DTV Transition Coalition to Hold DTV Day on Capitol Hill

On Tuesday, October 30, the Digital Television Transition Coalition is holding a DTV Day on the Hill expo and briefing on the digital television transition. The briefing will give attendees the opportunity to ask industry experts and key transition stakeholders about how the federally mandated February 17, 2009, transition from analog to digital broadcasting will impact communities across America, and how to educate constituents about the switch.

Additionally, attendees can learn more about the DTV Transition Coalition's education campaign to help Americans successfully transition to digital television. The coalition will demonstrate how digital signals create dramatically better TV pictures than analog signals, and provide a demonstration on the process of installing a converter box.

The DTV Transition Coalition membership boasts over 170 organizations that share the goal of educating the largest possible audience of consumers about the DTV transition to ensure that no consumer is unprepared on February 17, 2009, due to a lack of information about the transition.