The dangers posed by AI and disinformation during elections


Wednesday, March 13, 2024 - 2:00pm to 3:00pm
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The last year has seen an explosion of accessible generative AI tools, which allow virtually anyone to rapidly and inexpensively create synthetic images, video, audio, and text. As the presidential election approaches, there are serious concerns about an explosion of disinformation and synthetic content that could impact what is expected to be a very close race. Political campaigns have already begun implementing generative AI tools to create advertisements, send robocalls and contact voters, prompting policymakers to propose major legislation and guardrails to protect the integrity of our elections.  

A panel discussion about the dangers posed by AI and election disinformation and ways to protect the general public.  

Viewers can submit questions for speakers by emailing or via X (formerly Twitter) at @BrookingsGov by using #AIElections


The Hon. Shana M. Broussard, Commissioner - Federal Election Commission (FEC)


Soheil Feizi, Associate Professor - Department of Computer Science, University of Maryland@FeiziSoheil

Matt Perault, Director, Center on Technology Policy - UNC-Chapel Hill@MattPerault



Darrell M. West, Senior Fellow - Center for Technology Innovation, Douglas Dillon Chair in Governmental Studies

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