Remarks of FCC Commissioner Michael O'Rielly Before the Americans for Prosperity's 2017 Defending the American Dream Summit

Shortly before the inauguration, I outlined four general areas where actions could be taken to reinvigorate investment: one, undoing harmful policies; two, clearing regulatory underbrush; three, developing and executing a strong pro-innovation age

Commissioner O'Rielly Remarks Before the CBRS Alliance

At our meeting on Aug 3, the Commission will vote on a mid-band spectrum Notice of Inquiry.

Remarks Of FCC Chairman Ajit Pai At Telecommunications For The Deaf And Hard Of Hearing, Inc. Biennial Conference

The Federal Communications Commission is determined to be Telecommunications for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing’s (TDI) partner and meet this moment.

Remarks of FCC Commissioner Michael O'Rielly Before the Free State Foundation

Today’s topic – Next Generation 5G Wireless Networks: Seizing the Opportunities and Overcoming the Obstacles – is one of great importance.

Remarks by Joan Marsh at the MMTC 15th Annual Access to Capital and Telecom Policy Conference

We live in an age of innovation and disruption, of opportunity and cost, of benefit and risk.

Remarks of Rachael Bender at the 33rd Annual Conference of the Caribbean Association of Network Telecommunications Organizations

[I]t is particularly important that the United States and Caribbean nations collaborate. Our countries share many common interests and significant cultural and economic ties. The U.S.

Remarks of Commissioner Clyburn Appalachian Ohio-West VA Connectivity Summit

If you care about robust broadband, if you care about being able to use the internet without your service provider compromising your privacy, picking winners and losers online, if you want infrastructure built in your communities, then you cannot

Commissioner O'Rielly Remarks Before CITEL PCC.II Delegation

As you may have heard, within the United States we've been working actively to build upon the experience of WRC-15 and towards the decisions to be made at WRC-19.

Remarks of FCC Chairman Ajit Pai At Broadband For All Seminar, Stockholm, Sweden

The United States is ahead of the global curve when it comes to delivering “broadband for all.” But we too face challenges. First, a quick snapshot: 93% of Americans have access to fixed broadband with a speed of at least 25 Mbps down.

Commissioner Clyburn's Remarks at the Open Technology Institute

I am heartened that at the very beginning of the latest [network neutrality] process, we have already seen another five million speak out. And as significant as that is, it still may not be enough.