Proposed FCC rule could be a hard hit to public access stations like Vermont's GNAT

Public access stations such as Vermont's Greater Northshire Access Television (GNAT-TV) are facing an uncertain future following a proposal by the Federal Communications Commission that would change the way subscriber fees are collected to fund pr

Verizon urges FCC to include RCS in declaratory ruling for SMS, MMS

While wireless operators generally and wholeheartedly support the Federal Communications Commission’s decision to classify SMS and MMS texting services as “information services” rather than “telecommunications services” or “commercial mobile servi

Verizon Separation Plan Sheds Almost 7 Percent of Employees as 5G Restructuring Begins to Take Hold

A Verizon separation plan will reduce the company’s payroll by 10,400 employees, almost 7 percent of its workforce.

America's BIG problem is fueling us-versus-them

The big and powerful are getting bigger and more powerful — and the clear and dominant winners are big cities. With wealth, jobs, and power increasingly concentrated in a few large cities, we are witnessing a growing economic and political divide

In Comcast’s hometown, the chasm between internet haves and have-nots looks intractable, new census data shows

New census data confirms what many in the city have long suspected: Big swaths of Philadelphia (PA) are nearly off the grid, with minimal access to fast internet services in their homes. Across the US in 2017, the national broadband penetration ra

Tech giants gear up for California fight over privacy rules that curtail data use in 2020

California sent shockwaves through corporate America with a sweeping data privacy law earlier in 2018, but the business community is preparing to push back as CA’s expanded Democratic majority descends on Sacramento.

Net Neutrality Potentially Gains Powerful Foe in Top Justice Candidate

William P. Barr, nominated to become the nation’s top law enforcement official in the Trump administration, is a former chief lawyer for Verizon Communications who has opposed net neutrality rules for more than a decade.

Millions Of Comments About The FCC's Net Neutrality Rules Were Fake. Now The Feds Are Investigating.

According to unnamed sources, the Justice Department is investigating whether crimes were committed when potentially millions of people’s identities were posted to the Federal Communications Commission’s website without their permission, falsely a

Net neutrality could get a reprieve once Democrats take control of the House

Democrats are expected to use their upcoming control of the House to push for strong net neutrality rules. Gigi Sohn -- a former lawyer at the Federal Communications Commission who is now a fellow at the Georgetown Law Institute for Technology, La

Google Hearing to Preview Democrats’ Strategy on Big Tech

Democrats and Google executives worked arm in arm for years, particularly during the Obama administration.