American Cable Association: Title II Is Costly, Harmful, & Unnecessary

The American Cable Association has taken what it hopes will be a parting shot at Title II classification for its members.

Comcast sues Vermont to avoid building 550 miles of new cable lines

Comcast has sued the state of Vermont to try to avoid a requirement to build 550 miles of new cable lines.

Candidate Trump Criticized Obama's Cyber Doctrine. President Trump Continues It.

President Donald Trump promised big changes on cybersecurity after his election.

FCC “apology” shows anything can be posted to agency site using insecure API

The Federal Communications Commission's website already gets a lot of traffic—sometimes more than it can handle.

AT&T absurdly claims that most “legitimate” net neutrality comments favor repeal

Despite a study showing that 98.5 percent of individually written network neutrality comments support the US's current net neutrality rules, AT&T is claiming that the vast majority of "legitimate" comments favor repealing the rules.

NCTA: Title II Fans Are Fearmongering

Cable operator and broadband providers call the suggestion that Title II is essential to safeguarding the virtuous circle of investment and innovation "preposterous" and the supposed demise of openness under a Title I regime "fearmongering." That

UN Human Rights Chief Condemns Trump’s Attacks on Media

The United Nations human rights chief said Aug 30 that President Donald Trump’s repeated denunciations of some media outlets as “fake news” could amount to incitement to violence and had potentially dangerous consequences outside the United States

FCC Chairman Pai Huddles Mostly With Allies Ahead of Net Neutrality Rewrite

The Federal Communications Commission is taking dozens of meetings with companies, trade groups and public policy advocates as it gears up to change its regulatory classification of broadband and loosen its network neutrality rules.

Free State to FCC: Set ISPs Free to Invest

Despite assertions by Title II fans that the common carrier regulation regime has not adversely affected broadband investment, the Free State Foundation begs to differ and says it has the data to back that up. That came in reply comments—due Aug.