Today's internet is by land, sea, air and space

The internet is an invisible mesh that enables instantaneous global communications, but delivering all those bits quickly to more people in more places requires increasingly exotic approaches. Here are a few things you may not realize about how co

Penn State study finding rural broadband speeds are even slower than suspected

Pennsylvania State University researchers rounding the bend on a year-long study of broadband access in rural Pennsylvania are finding that speeds are even slower than previously thought.

Alex Jones banned from Facebook? His videos are still there — and so are his followers

Infowars is gone from Facebook after a high-profile showdown over the summer between Silicon Valley and conspiracy theorist Alex Jones. But another Facebook page he controls, NewsWars, has taken its place — and Jones’s many fans have followed.

How 'net neutrality' became a hot-button issue

Though network neutrality started off more than a decade ago as an insight into how to make networks work most efficiently, it has taken on much larger social and political dimensions lately.

Tim Berners-Lee launches campaign to save the web from abuse

Tim Berners-Lee has launched a global campaign to save the web from the destructive effects of abuse and discrimination, political manipulation, and other threats that plague the online world.

Top Facebook, Apple and Google executives have donated little in the 2018 midterms, two years after clashing with President Trump

The top executives at Apple, Facebook, Google and Microsoft have stayed on the political sidelines during the 2018 midterm elections, opting not to donate to federal candidates who might advance Silicon Valley’s political agenda — or battle back P

President Trump's Big Tech Contradictions

President Donald Trump said his administration is looking seriously at antitrust investigations of Google, Facebook and Amazon.

Far-Right Internet Groups Listen for Trump’s Approval, and Often Hear It

As President Donald Trump and his allies have waged a fear-based campaign to drive Republican voters to the polls for the midterm elections, far-right internet communities have been buoyed as their once-fringe views have been given oxygen by promi

Twitter deletes over 10,000 accounts that sought to discourage US voting

Twitter deleted more than 10,000 automated accounts posting messages that discouraged people from voting in the 2018 midterm election and wrongly appeared to be from Democrats, after the party flagged the misleading tweets to the social media comp