YouTube will remove more white supremacist and hoax videos, a more aggressive stance on hate speech

YouTube said it will remove false videos alleging that major events like the Holocaust didn’t happen, as well as a broad array of content by white supremacists and others in a move to more aggressively crack down on hate speech.

Sen Schumer calling on the FCC to demand accurate service data from internet providers

On June 2, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) criticized the Federal Communications Commission after the release of its 2019 Broadband Deployment Report, and called for more scrutiny of data. He and other critics think the rosy picture th

Ripping Huawei out of US networks could be a nightmare for rural providers

Joe Franell is a fan of Huawei’s equipment. As the CEO of Eastern Oregon Telecom, he’s responsible for providing internet to about 4,000 customers, many in small communities or remote farmland.

ISPs Tell FCC Pennsylvania Is Covered; Researchers Disagree

While Internet providers report to the Federal Communications Commission that all of Pennsylvania has high-speed broadband service, customers, including some in Berks County (PA), know there are rural areas where broadband cannot be accessed.

Apple's strong-arming for privacy

Apple is leveraging its platform's market power to help users protect their privacy.

Verizon avoided a decade’s worth of taxes—a new law could make it pay up

Verizon has avoided paying local taxes on telecommunication equipment in many New Jersey municipalities over the past decade, but a proposed state law would force the company to pay back taxes for all the payments it didn't make.

House Communications Subcommittee Holds Hearing on STELAR

The House Communications Subcommittee began its review of the STELAR compulsory copyright legislation -- STELAR is the latest name for the bill, which dates from 1988, that established the compulsory license that allows satellite operators to impo

AT&T, T-Mobile Are Top Spenders in Airwaves Auction

AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile were the biggest spenders on a pair of Federal Communications Commission auctions designed to spark investment in next-wave 5G networks.

Chairman Pai works to cap funding for rural and poor people, gets GOP backing

The Federal Communications Commission has preliminarily voted to cap spending on the FCC's Universal Service programs, which deploy broadband to poor people and to rural and other underserved areas.

President Trump suggests AT&T boycott to force changes in CNN coverage

President Donald Trump kicked off his state visit to the United Kingdom with a complaint about CNN, urging a boycott of the network’s new corporate owner, AT&T.