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Commissioner Starks Statement on Universal Service Contribution Methodology

The FCC’s Universal Service programs are among the most significant “tools in the toolkit” possessed by the federal government to ensure that all Americans have access to voice and broadband services comparable to their fellow citizens. Considerin

Statement of Commissioner Rosenworcel on Universal Service Contribution Methodology

This is a rulemaking that proposes to limit universal service efforts at the Federal Communications Commission. It is fundamentally inconsistent with this agency’s high-minded rhetoric about closing the digital divide.

Statement of Commissioner O'Rielly on Universal Service Contribution Methodology

In my years working on communications policy, I have been tremendously focused on improving the effectiveness of our Universal Service Fund programs to bring broadband Internet to those without access.

Benton Questions FCC Conclusions Based on Flawed Broadband Data

There is an old joke about a drunk man searching for his keys under a streetlight and when asked if that’s where he lost them, he answers, ‘No, but this is where the light is.’ Unfortunately, we can’t make light of the FCC’s latest broadband repor

Commissioner O'Rielly Statement on 2019 Broadband Deployment Report

To be clear: according to our data collection, which has been rightfully criticized, approximately nine million Americans still lack access to even 10/1 Mbps service, and our finding here does not deny that point.

Commissioner Carr Statement on 2019 Broadband Deployment Report

This year’s Section 706 report contains more good news for American leadership in 5G. The FCC’s policies are working. Internet speeds in the U.S. have never been faster: they’re up nearly 40%.

Commissioner Rosenworcel Statement on 2019 Broadband Deployment Report

It is simply not credible for the Federal Communications Commission to clap its hands and pronounce our broadband job done—and yet that is exactly what it does in this report today.

Commissioner Starks Statement on 2019 Broadband Deployment Report

The 2019 Broadband Deployment Report reaches the wrong conclusion. According to the report, the digital divide has narrowed substantially over the past two years and broadband is being deployed on a reasonable and timely basis.

FCC Concludes First High-Band 5G Airwaves Auctions

The Federal Communications Commission announced the conclusion of bidding in Auction 102, the FCC’s second auction of millimeter wave spectrum suitable for 5G, which is providing licenses in the 24 GHz band.

Rep Tipton (R-CO) Introduces RURAL Broadband Act

Rep Scott Tipton (R-CO) introduced a bill May 10, the Reprioritizing Unserved Rural Areas and Locations for Broadband Act (RURAL Broadband Act) which if passed would improve the process for expanding broadband to rural communities. “It’s an outrag