Michael Moore: Why I’m Launching TrumpiLeaks

[Commentary] Today, I’m launching TrumpiLeaks, a site that will enable courageous whistleblowers to privately communicate with me and my team.

The BROWSER Act: A privacy misstep

[Commentary] Like the network neutrality debate, the privacy debate has been hijacked by noise rather than analysis, filling the zeitgeist with several misconceptions about the state of American privacy law.

Communities, Not Telcos, Should Define Success of Municipal Broadband Networks

Too often, reports on the feasibility of municipal broadband networks in smaller markets are sponsored by large telecom companies with a financial stake in the game.

Why you should support net neutrality

[Commentary] Amid the raucous political debate, there is a critical issue many are overlooking: the threat to network neutrality.

A Counterproductive Privacy Bill

[Commentary] Privacy activists appear to have some new friends among congressional Republicans.

The BROWSER Act: A Worthy Goal, But There's an Easier Fix to the Net Neutrality Privacy Mess

[Commentary] Although the BROWSER Act is a well-intentioned attempt to clean up the privacy mess left by Net Neutrality, there’s a better path.

Six Things Trump’s FCC Chairman Doesn’t Want You to Know About Net Neutrality

[Commentary] For Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai, fabricating a network neutrality counter-narrative means making things up  while burying mounting evidence that the 2015 rules are working well.

Creating an economics-sensitive zone at the FCC

[Commentary] One less-publicized initiative of new Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai may have profound impact on the agency’s policymaking agenda.

Why is telecommunications taxed like a sin?

[Commentary] The way governments in the United States treat telecommunications providers, you would think that the providers’ services came with a Surgeon General warning.

Dear Congress: Please don’t make us live through the net neutrality nightmare again

[Commentary] What developers need is an internet where anyone that’s smart, hardworking, and a little lucky can win. Not a playing field that is rule-free, but one where the rules are known, and where rules are stable and consistent.