When 'bots' outnumber humans, the public comment process is meaningless

[Commentary] Over the last month, the Federal Communications Commission received 2.6 million public comments critical of Chairman Ajit Pai’s plan to roll back President Obama’s "network neutrality" rules.

It’s time to pass a bill that protects the internet

[Commentary] The innovation economy needs competition, unfettered access for consumers and innovative flexibility.

Keep the Internet free for all

[Commentary] Network neutrality, adopted by the Federal Communications Commission during the Obama presidency, was the first step in transitioning the internet into a government-run monopoly.

NCTA Agrees Title II Virtuous Cycle Totally Working; Or, Pai’s Economics v. the Actual Real World.

[Commentary] Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai’s reliance on "real" economists in Econ Cloud Cuckoo Land (ECCL) to reverse Title II reclassification is going to get slammed in the courts big time.

Making Google the Censor

[Commentary] Prime Minister Theresa May’s political fortunes may be waning in Britain, but her push to make internet companies police their users’ speech is alive and well.

Your Voice Is Needed in the Net Neutrality Fight

[Commentary] Despite Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai’s claim that he supports Network Neutrality, the proceeding he opened in May attacks not only the legal authority underpinning the rules — which is absolutely vital for enfor

Millennials Stand to Lose if the Feds Control the Internet

[Commentary] Since assuming leadership of the Federal Communications Commission earlier in 2017, Ajit Pai has been working to roll back the stifling Obama-era rules to return the power of the internet back to consumers and the public.

Infrastructure Is Not Just Roads and Bridges

[Commentary] When politicians talk about infrastructure, people generally think of roads and bridges.

Basic Rules of the Road Are Needed to Protect an Open Internet

[Commentary] Net neutrality debates can devolve quickly into talk of statutory “titles” and legal jargon. When that happens, the practical issues at the heart of these debates can get lost.

Reverse Obama’s Net-Neutrality Power Grab

[Commentary] The Federal Communication Commission’s recent vote to begin the process of undoing an Obama-era power grab is the right solution for putting consumers—not lobbyists and lawmakers—in the innovation driver’s seat.