Who should lead internet policy?

[Commentary] The tremor in Silicon Valley emerged from Brussels, not the San Andreas Fault.

Kill the open internet, and wave goodby to consumer choice

[Commentary] It’s clear that most US consumers depend upon a few big players in order to access the internet. Therefore, the critical question is whether these companies have the incentive and ability to harm consumers and competition.

To tackle Google’s power, regulators have to go after its ownership of data

[Commentary] The problem with regulating technology companies is that, faced with tough new rules, they can eventually innovate their way out, often by switching to newer, unregulated technologies.

It's Time to Protect Consumers Online

[Commentary] The online privacy debate belongs in the halls of Congress, with Republicans and Democrats forging a consensus on how best to protect and empower consumers.

Why it’s time for Texas to show support for net neutrality

[Commentary] Network neutrality matters to any Texan who relies on the internet to access journalism, stream videos and stay in touch with friends and family.

The FCC's anti-net neutrality proposal threatens the free and open Internet so critical to all

[Commentary] Democracy and a stable economy demand access to information.

Goodbye Nonpartisan Journalism. And Good Riddance.

[Commentary] We don’t yet know to what extent Donald Trump will succeed in remaking the United States, but his candidacy and presidency are already remaking American journalism.

Astroturfing Plan by Silicon Valley & Radical Allies To Take Control of Internet July 12

[Commentary] Recently, Amazon, Netflix, and Mozilla have taken note of the success of astroturfing and are leveraging a “stick-it-to-the-man” ethos to advocate for internet regulation, in this case advocacy to regulate internet providers under Tit

Iowa’s congressional delegation is bravely protecting the internet

[Commentary] Some partisan activists have sought to leverage the public’s privacy concerns to advance their political agenda and have resorted to spreading accusations and false information that misleads the public.

Why I’m devoting a year to helping black newspapers survive

[Commentary] In 2016, Pew's "State of the Media" report noted a circulation decline at “a handful of historically prominent black papers.” But that decline is not uniform.