Net neutrality and the culture of contempt

Ultimately, the ping-pong match of network neutrality will not be resolved by political struggles over control of the Federal Communications Commission. A lasting solution can only come from bipartisan legislation, which will involve compromise.

China Will Likely Corner the 5G Market -- And the US Has No Plan

China is planning to deploy fiber-optic connections to 80 percent of the homes in the country. What’s new about China's massive deployment of fiber, both in its own territory and in its global market along its planned Belt and Road, is that China

The Internet has gone bad. Public media can save it.

A healthy public sphere needs a healthy public media. We’ve built the equivalent for television and radio. Now it’s time to do it for the Internet. The simplest way to proceed is to tax major technology companies to pay for better content.

If China Dominates 5G, It Will Control the Future

The US needs a positive alternative to the Chinese 5G model, and it needs to put it forward right now, before or during Barcelona. If we don’t, this year’s Mobile World Congress risks turning into a victory lap for Huawei and Beijing.

The Route of a Text Message, a Love Story

The surprisingly complex journey a text message takes every time we hit 'send.'

Digital Distress: What is it and who does it affect? Part 2.

Digital distress is defined here as census tracts (neighborhoods) that had a 1) high percentage of homes not subscribing to the internet or subscribing only through a cellular data plan and a 2) high percent of homes with no computing devices or r

Want to close America’s rural-urban divide? Digital infrastructure is the key.

The dearth of broadband Internet connectivity is the bane of many rural areas, exacerbating demographic decline by contributing to out-migration of millennials and loss of business opportunities.

Digital Distress: What is it and who does it affect?

Digital distress areas have a harder time using and leveraging the internet to improve their quality of life due to the type of internet subscription or devices owned.

How 'Zero-Rating' Offers Threaten Net-Neutrality In The Developing World

‘Zero-Rating’— the commercial practice whereby an internet service provider (ISP) doesn’t count the use of an app or service against your monthly data cap — has come under renewed scrutiny earlier in Feb when a study by digital rights organization

Privacy Can Bridge DC’s Partisan Gap

Privacy laws should treat companies at the internet edge the same as the internet service providers that are largely prevented from accessing these vast swaths of personal data. The task for Congress is to create a straightforward set of privacy r