The stubborn, misguided myth that Internet platforms must be ‘neutral’

Lately, politicians and news sources have been repeating a persistent myth about, of all things, technology law.

The Census Could Undercount People Who Don’t Have Internet Access

A problem could lead to the undercounting of the population of the United States, which would affect how billions in federal funds are distributed. It involves broadband.

I helped write the rules for the internet in the 1990s: This is what we missed

I worked with a fairly small group of early-stage internet policy wonks and helped create many of the basic rules that still govern the internet today. We missed a lot — a lot that turns out to have been important. 

I Compete With Facebook, and It’s No Monopoly

I strongly oppose the idea of breaking up Facebook. I don’t believe Facebook is a monopoly. The way to keep social media truly competitive is to reinstate net neutrality.

Break up Facebook? There are smarter ways to rein in big tech.

In this anti-big tech moment, the slogan “break them up” is simple, catchy and has been adopted by some politicians and other observers to capture the emotion of the era.

Consumers suffer under California broadband deregulation

In 2012, California decided to deregulate the broadband internet industry until 2020 with the aim of encouraging greater consumer choice, economic growth and innovation. Eight years later, these benefits have not materialized.

Who should own your digital data?

We should view user data as a public resource, akin to the broadcast spectrum.

At Last A Beginning

At last it’s happening—a growing national discussion about how America’s news and information “industry” is failing to nourish our civic dialogue. It should be something we expect the candidates to discuss—and take a stand on—as the 2020 election

5 Lessons the US Can Learn from European Privacy Efforts

Given that the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has fallen short of expectations, policymakers in other countries have an opportunity to do better, rather than repeat Europe’s mistakes. Five lessons to learn:

The Case for Using Algorithms to Validate Broadband Data

It’s time for the Federal Communications Commission to step into the future by using artificial intelligence tools to address the continuing lack of affordable broadband to many communities—an increasingly entrenched problem of “internet inequalit