Yes, Google is disrupting our democracy. But not in the way Trump thinks.

While it’s wrong to characterize Google as part of the Democratic Party machine, there’s plenty of room to question how it’s affecting our democracy and society.

Why Conservatives Don’t Trust Facebook

Facebook asked me to conduct a survey to hear from conservatives directly. Following substantial public interest in the project and in light of policy changes Facebook has recently made, we have decided to share our findings at this time.

Rural Policy: ‘Here’s What We Need,’ Advocates Say

The Daily Yonder, working with the Rural Assembly, identified a dozen rural-policy advocates with firsthand knowledge about the impact of federal policy in rural communities.

Survey Says: Telehealth + Community Broadband = Local Economic Success

The International Economic Development Council (IEDC) and I teamed up to survey the association’s members.

Universal Service Fund budget cap promotes efficiency, sustainability

Four different universal service initiatives, each aimed at solving a different problem, are funded by a single surcharge on interstate and international telecommunications revenue.

Rural America cannot be overlooked

The Federal Communications Commission recently announced that it was authorizing nearly $5 million to invest in expanding rural broadband access across South Dakota.

When Limiting Online Speech to Curb Violence, We Should Be Careful

Two key strategies have emerged to hold online forums responsible for violence: deplatforming and increasing the liability imposed on internet intermediaries by changing Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act (CDA).

At a time when local information is needed, FCC vote endangers public-access stations

The Federal Communications Commission voted 3-2 along party lines Aug 1 to change long-standing guidelines related to cable franchising fees.

Broadband Access Vital for Rural America and the Economy

Rural broadband is a win-win-win: more income for farmers, more tax revenue for the government, and more affordable food for everyone. Before broadband, we relied on the slow and unreliable service of satellite internet. Broadband made everything