Just one agency should enforce antitrust law

No industry should be free from antitrust scrutiny, including big tech.

Like Politics, All Broadband Policy Is Local

Even though community broadband has proven itself incredibly valuable and viable, broadband is taking a beating in some areas of the country thanks to what has become a siege against municipal broadband by the large telecommunication incumbents, i

To Fight Online Disinformation, Reinvigorate Media Policy

While social media companies and digital networks are relatively new, the problems of information laundering and manipulation are not. Of course, verbatim application of 20th-century media policy won’t work for today’s digital environment; some of

Survey Explores Broadband Impact on Local Economies, Telehealth, Education

Everyone who’s concerned about community broadband needs to contact your economic development agency, department, whoever spearheads your community’s economic development.

Choosing the Wrong Lane in the Race to 5G

The chatter about 5G is everywhere. Lost in the glowing headlines is the fact the US is making choices that will leave rural America behind.

A call for a transatlantic retreat on the State of Philanthropy

I recently traveled to Brussels to see my long-time friends Gerry Salole and Rien van Gendt at the European Foundation Centre. As usual, we spoke about the status of philanthropy in Europe and the United States. A huge topic, indeed.

The Huawei threat is already here

The recent presidential executive order barred US companies from buying foreign-made telecommunications equipment deemed a national security risk.

While Prisoners Struggle to Afford Calls to Their Families, States Are Making a Profit. This Must Stop Now

Incarcerated spaces are, by design, replete with insidious and unethical realities, but one of the most infuriating is how much money people in jail and prison are forced to pay if they want to make a phone call to someone on the outside. This unj

Accessibility doesn’t start with a website. It starts with digital equity

When we say “accessibility,” many of us think about adding keyboard navigation, high color contrast, and alt text to a website.

Why a T-Mobile/Sprint Merger Would Be Bad for The Public

Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai has now decided that a handful of promises, made just days ago by T-Mobile and Sprint, puts this $26 billion transaction in the public interest. But these promises are speculative, unsubstantiate