State of the States 2020: Broadband Is Critical Infrastructure

For the past several years, the Government Technology editorial team has picked apart State of the State addresses, looking for clues about new initiatives and areas of focus that will touch technology.

What's Going on With the FCC's Lifeline Program?

For nearly 35 years, the Lifeline program has provided discounts on phone service for qualifying low-income consumers.

Analysis: These scientists are trying to help Congress get smarter about tech

The Government Accountability Office's Science and Technology Assessment and Analytics group, created in 2019,  is ramping up its work: It wants to double its current ranks of about 70 people providing technical assessments to Congress on topics s

Broadband and Cities

New analysis of broadband adoption in a selection of cities shows a strong relationship between low household broadband adoption levels and poverty.

Democratic candidates tout rural broadband infrastructure goals

The leading Democratic presidential candidates are all calling for major increases in spending for roads, bridges, rural broadband and other infrastructure needs, but they'll need large increases in tax revenue to pay for their plans. The Democrat

Satellite Subsidies Will Widen Digital Divide in Rural America

The federal government is about to spend more than $120 million on subsidies that, rather than improving rural connectivity, will make tens of thousands of families worse off.

Placing a visible hand on the digital revolution

As we enter the third decade of the 21st century—the digital century—it is time for the public interest to reassert itself. Thus far, the digital entrepreneurs have been making the rules about the digital economy.

At the heart of Facebook’s rocky public position is the scale of its own power

By the end of the 2014 election, campaigns and political committees had directly spent about $8 million on Facebook advertising, less than half the amount they’d spent on Google.

Building a 100 Percent Clean Future Can Drive an Additional $8 Billion a Year to Rural Communities

Rural communities face many challenges, and climate change is only making matters worse. If done right, taking climate action will be a win-win for rural communities, counteracting the shifts to their way of life. Nearly one-quarter of rural Ameri

Twitter’s ban on political advertisements hurts our democracy

Twitter recently announced that it will no longer allow political advertisements on its digital platform. Implementation of this decision, if possible at all, will have dire consequences for American democracy.