Amazon is now at the center of a debate over public safety versus privacy

A New Hampshire judge’s attempt to compel Amazon to share recordings from an Echo device at the scene of an alleged double murder is putting a fine point on law enforcement’s growing demand for data from Internet of Things devices.

5G wireless: Separating fact from fiction for cities and states

The Federal Communications Commission just gave the wireless infrastructure effort a lift by streamlining the rules for deploying small cells. I found last week’s editorial by the mayor of San Jose (CA) quite odd.

The Supreme Court and House Democrats breathe new life into net neutrality

The activities of the past week have reshaped the future of network neutrality and the strategy for protecting that future.

Tech policy and the midterm elections: Did our assessment prove true?

My report “Tech Policy and the Midterm Elections” examined the role of tech policy in the election and whether the issue of net neutrality would encourage millennials to vote.

Why the Google Walkout Was a Watershed Moment in Tech

Google will never be the same. For two years, regulators, lawmakers, academics and the media have pushed Silicon Valley to alter its world-swallowing ways.

The Goals of Antitrust: The Legislative Perspective

For Louis Brandeis, antitrust would serve both social and economic goals.

How San Jose is Closing the Digital Divide

Equity drives San Jose’s (CA) approach to bringing new technologies to the city, and the deployment of municipal broadband and municipal fiber lines are no exception.

President Trump points at the media: You’re to blame for encouraging violence

On his way to campaign rallies in West Virginia and Indiana on Nov 2, President Donald Trump stopped to answer some questions from the media.

How the law protects hate speech on social media

What does the law say about hate speech online? The First Amendment provides broad protection to speech that demeans a person or group on the basis of race, ethnicity, gender, religion, age, disability, or similar grounds.