President Trump, Partisan and Pugilist, Abandons Calls for Unity After Bomb Scares

In moments of national crisis, presidents typically reach for unifying themes. But as pipe bombs are delivered to American around the country, President Donald Trump chose confrontation over conciliation.

We Need to Fix the News Media, Not Just Social Media—Part 2

Trained reporters play a critical role in identifying news events through following social media.

Cable Companies and Municipalities: Natural Smart Community Partners

Cable Internet service providers (ISPs) can make smart cities become a reality and offer city planners successful case studies and useful planning steps for how to make their communities digital leaders.

Why Rural Communities of Color Are Left Behind: A Call for Intersectional Demographic Broadband Data

Research already shows that existing disparities related to broadband access are not race-neutral. Logically, that means that the analysis of these disparities should also not be race-neutral.

How the FCC Suppressed Minority Broadcast Ownership, and How the FCC can Undo the Damage it Caused

Although newer technologies have captured the public’s imagination and purse, the Federal Communications Commission continues to regard free over-the-air broadcasting as the lifeline for millions of Americans. Certainly, the deliberate exclusion o

Five Digital Inclusion Trends in the United States

Here's five important trends that are driving broadband access and digital inclusion in the United States. Underlying these trends is the drive to streamline regulation and create the incentive for broadband infrastructure investment.

Why Diversity Should Be a Part of the Media-Merger Conversation

Major changes are afoot in Hollywood, spurred by a pattern of rapid corporate media consolidation. While these mergers have received critical attention, the conversation has largely ignored something else big: the implications that this media mane

Hurricane Michael A Wake Up Call On Why Total Dereg of Telecom A Very Bad Idea.

Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai and Gov Rick Scott (R-FL) have expressed frustration with the slow pace of restoring communications in FL in the wake of Hurricane Michael.

Farm and food policy innovations for the digital age

We urgently need to rethink public policy interventions to help countries navigate opportunities and challenges linked to digital advances in the food economy. The promise of digital disruption in agriculture is enormous.

Tech policy and the midterm elections

Voters in elections tend to focus on topline policy issues such as the economy and health care, not tech policy, which enjoys considerable bipartisan agreement and offers little opportunity to highlight differences with opponents.