Former FCC and DoJ Staffer Jon Sallet Pens "Antitrust is Law Enforcement"

Jon Sallet is the new Benton Senior Fellow. Jon's work focuses on policies to preserve and protect internet openness, to advance competition more broadly, including through antitrust, and to support Federal Communications Commission actions to protect privacy, security, and broadband deployment. Jon was the FCC General Counsel/Acting General Counsel (2013-2016), and Deputy Assistant Attorney General for Litigation, Antitrust Division, US Department of Justice (2016-2017). 

In his first article for Benton’s Digital Beat, Jon explores how antitrust enforcement can tackle new challenges and preserve competition that serves consumers and economic opportunity. The article draws from a conference Jon organized with Jonathan Baker and Fiona Scott Morton entitled "Unlocking the Promise of Antitrust Enforcement." Their premise was simple: In a time when the purpose and future of antitrust is again an important topic of political discourse, it is important to understand what antitrust enforcers can do today with the laws that are on the books.

Jon’s article, Antitrust is Law Enforcement, can be found at

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