FCC: Broadband Deployment Not Reaching All Americans

New research from the Federal Communications Commission finds that between 14 and 24 million Americans still lack access to broadband, and the immediate prospects for deployment to them are bleak. The FCC report concludes that the goal of universal availability -- deployment to all Americans -- is not being met in a timely way. The following statement can be attributed to Charles Benton, Benton Foundation CEO and Chairman.

"The Federal Communications Commission rightly finds today that all means all. If 14 to 24 million Americans can not make use of today's essential communications tool, then the U.S. has a problem. In an increasingly competitive global marketplace, we need all Americans connected to the tools that are essential to jobs and economic growth, democratic engagement and civic engagement, health and public safety, and education and lifelong learning.

Both the public and private sector should see the FCC's new report as another call to join forces and implement the National Broadband Plan. If not, we run the risk of a unconnected America, a second-class player on the global stage."