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Who Owns Your TV (Station)?

Politico’s Brooks Boliek wrote an article this week that really caught our eye. In “Broadcast TV landscape is shifting under FCC” Boliek notes there’s been a string of broadcast television station deals announced of late. We’ve seen the headlines, too, obviously:

Weekly Digest

The FCC and the Drive for E-rate 2.0

On July 19, 2013, the Federal Communications Commission launched a major effort to review and modernize the E-rate program (more formally known as the schools and libraries universal service support mechanism) which helps schools and libraries to obtain affordable telecommunications services, broadband Internet access and internal network connections.

Weekly Digest

Time to Reclaim Your Name?

Be Aware, and Beware, of COPPA” one headline blared this week. On July 1, updated rules for the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) go into effect. The updated rules are a big part of a renewed recent interest in privacy. But revelations of the government’s data collection efforts have sparked a necessary and overdue debate on how to balance national security against citizens’ privacy rights.

Weekly Digest

Obama Boosts Wireless Broadband with Spectrum Sharing Plan

Obama Boosts Wireless Broadband with Spectrum-Sharing Plan

For a second straight week, government surveillance of American’s telecommunications dominated the Headlines – and, also for a second week in a row, the Obama Administration made a major announcement about expanding access to high-speed broadband in the U.S. [See “ConnectED: Here Comes E-rate 2.0” for last week’s major announcement]

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Glass Ceiling Shattered at FCC: The Clyburn Chairmanship Begins

On July 11, 1934, Eugene O. Sykes became the first chairman of the Federal Communications Commission. He held the post until March 8, 1935 when Anning S. Prall rose to be chair. Since then, each succeeding FCC chair has been a man – that is, until May 20, 2013, when Mignon Clyburn became the Acting Chairwoman of the commission.

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Getting to All-IP

Telecommunications is a key element in some of the most headline-grabbing news of the week, especially the report from the Associated Press that the Justice Department secretly obtained telephone records of the news organization’s reporters and editors. But we want to highlight a development at the Federal Communications Commission that garnered almost no press at all.