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Weekly Digest

Argentina Tackles Media Ownership Concentration

[Editor’s note: In this week’s round-up, new Headlines Writing Associate Rebecca Ellis looks at a significant media policy decision from Argentina that did not get much press here in the U.S. Looking at international coverage in English and Spanish, Ellis offers a take on the Supreme Court of Argentina’s ruling that upholds a new law that limits media ownership concentration.]

Weekly Digest

What Happened to the Internet During the Government Shutdown?

A funny thing happened while we all watched the tragic comedy known as the budget crisis – someone went and made some decisions about the future of the Internet. Or, well, not to put too fine a point on it, decided we need to make some major decisions on how to govern the Internet.


High-capacity Broadband and E-rate: Libraries as Community Leverage

Broadband, especially of the high-capacity variety, once mostly the province of network engineers and large organizations, is now everyone’s concern. Whether at home, school, on the job, or walking down the street, speedy response in using the Internet is the new normal. For libraries, this need and expectation is even more pronounced. A single broadband connection to one library provides access for thousands of people over the course of a year. And with these Internet connections come the full range of resources and expertise that libraries and librarians offer.

Weekly Digest

Benton Foundation Moves to Expand Communications News and Analysis Service

Editor's note: The big news in Washington continues to be the government shutdown, an issue we looked at last week. So today we share some news from the Benton Foundation.

Weekly Digest

The Budget and Communications

It’s Friday, October 4, so we’re not the first to inform you of the federal government shutdown. It is unclear how long the impasse over the Federal budget might go on. During the initial days of the first shutdown in nearly 18 years — when a Republican-controlled Congress battled President Bill Clinton (D) — there was little business getting done in the House or the Senate other than photo opportunities and partisan speeches. So we take a moment today to examine the impact the shutdown is having on telecommunications.