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Sustainable Broadband Adoption -- What Works?

The Federal Communications Commission held a National Broadband Plan workshop on Wednesday to discuss, with practitioners, existing programs aimed at increasing broadband adoption and use. Relevance was the word of the day.

Greg Goldman of the Digital Impact Group summed up points he said he heard from all his fellow panelists; there seemed to be consensus that adoption programs must be:


From Wires to People

On August 19, the Federal Communications Commission devotes a full day to people.

After talking about deployment and technology and even small business, Wednesday's discussion shifts to why and how people use broadband. The FCC is in the middle of a series of discussions on creating a National Broadband Plan. So far, the talk has mainly been about wires (and wireless) and homes passes.

FCC faces steep challenge in developing national broadband policy

Input from stakeholders features discord, widely differing opinions

By Doug Adams, Knight Center of Digital Excellence

Many Voices, Many Eyes Needed

By Charles Benton

Children Now: The stakes are too high to sell children's needs short

Testimony of Patti Miller
Vice President, Children Now

United States Senate
Committee on Appropriations
Subcommittees on Labor, Health and Human Services, and Education and Related Agencies and
Financial Services and General Government
"Watch What You Eat: Food Marketing to Kids"
September 23, 2008

Children Now thanks Senators Harkin, Specter, Durbin and Brownback for hosting this hearing today to address the influence of food marketing on children's health. It could not come at a more critical time.

Intersection of Race and Telecomm Policy: Media Power in Wrong Hands Brings Neither "Peace of Mind nor Serenity of Spirit"

On March 18, Sen Barack Obama delivered a speech called "A More Perfect Union." Many have viewed the speech as a challenge to the nation to address our "racial stalemate." The Benton Foundation is taking the opportunity to host a dialogue on the intersection of race and telecommunications policy. (See our previous interview with Andrew Schwartzman)

Will Kids Pay the Price for Recall Failures?

Will Kids Pay the Price for Recall Failures?

David K. Aylward

Thoughts on the D Block/Public Safety Broadband Network Auction: Policy Right; Business Wrong

David Aylward

It is really a shame the FCC’s D Block/Public Safety auction didn’t work. But even in the failure, we should be delighted at the enormous policy progress it represents. Let’s hope the parties involved get the business side correct on the second round.