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Public Knowledge Calls for More Data and Consumer Protections in Phone Network Trials

On March 31, 2014, Public Knowledge, along with the New America Foundation’s Open Technology Institute and the Benton Foundation, told the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) that AT&T’s plans to test its new services on consumers must include more thorough data collection plans and more robust consumer protections.


Surprises, Lessons, and Still in Beta

Blair Levin
Former Executive Director, National Broadband Plan
Information Technology and Innovation Foundation Forum
March 19, 2014

Every time there’s broadband related news -- a court decision, a merger, a hearing -- there’s a spate of articles in which the people who thought the U.S. was doing badly five years ago say we still are and the people who five years ago said we were doing great say we still are.

A debate where everyone recycles five-year old sound bites is not a recipe for progress.


Understanding Broadcasters v. Aereo

Understanding Broadcasters v. Aereo

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Netflix, Comcast and Our Changing Internet

Have three sentences ever generated so much ink? On February 23, 2014, Comcast released the following statement: