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Full transcript: FCC Chairman Ajit Pai on Recode Decode

A Q&A with Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai.

Let’s read between the lines on what the FCC boss told us about his net neutrality plans

[Commentary] Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai stressed the importance that net neutrality protections come in the form of “light-touch regulation.” And his public notice leaves it up for tech and telecom companies to debate exac

The first 100 days of the Trump White House left Silicon Valley scratching its head

President Donald Trump’s first weeks in office have galvanized tech engineers, who vigorously protested the president — and in some cases, turned their fire on executives like Uber CEO Travis Kalanick, to get them to strike more forcefully at the

Voters have faxed 800,000 pages of political opinions to their elected officials using Resistbot

As voters scrambled for new ways to raise their voices after Election Day, two Silicon Valley engineers introduced Resistbot — a tool that turns voters’ text messages into notes faxed directly to their members of Congress.

Facebook, Google and others are focusing some DC lobbying dollars on fighting President Trump

Large tech companies like Facebook, Google and Microsoft focused some of their lobbying dollars in Washington over the past three months on combating President Donald Trump, as he eyed major changes to the US tax code and imposed new restrictions

FCC Chairman Pai met with Facebook and others to discuss net neutrality changes to come

Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai visited executives at Facebook, Oracle, Intel and other tech giants in Silicon Valley on April 17, as he considers how he might rethink and replace the agency’s hotly contested network neutrality

Silicon Valley is beginning to fight the Trump administration’s network neutrality plan

The Internet Association -- a lobbying group representing Facebook, Google, Twitter and other web giants -- told the Federal Communications Commission that the Commission shouldn’t weaken network neutrality rules — an early warning shot at the ide

The tech industry is already rebelling against the FCC’s latest plan for net neutrality

Silicon Valley is already rebelling against a plan by Republican Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai that would cancel the government’s network neutrality rules — and perhaps leave it to telecom giants like AT&T and Comcast to

Roku has hired a team of lobbyists as it gears up for a net neutrality fight

Roku appears to be arming itself for the coming network neutrality war. Roku has hired a pair of Republican lobbyists through an outside government-affairs firm, according to a federal ethics reports, specifically to focus on net neutrality.

AT&T and Comcast say they weren’t invading your privacy in the first place

Two companies, Comcast and AT&T, each tried on March 31 to mount a defense of their intense lobbying campaign to undo the Federal Communications Commission’s rules, which would have required the industry to seek customers’ permission before co