Tom Wheeler

Sprint and T-Mobile: There is a better 5G solution than reducing competition

[Commentary] The proposed merger between Sprint and T-Mobile once again focuses the nation’s attention on next generation 5G wireless service. Burdened with the fact that the current vibrant competition among four wireless companies has benefited

On local broadcasting, Trump Federal Communications Commission “can’t be serious!”

[Commentary] Network news is nationally scripted for a national audience. The New York-based networks such as ABC, CBS, Fox and NBC feed common fare to all their affiliates.

Can Europe Lead on Privacy?

[Commentary] What matters is not whether internet companies “deserve” our private information but why we as consumers do not have meaningful ways to protect that data from being siphoned for sale in the first place. The American government has don

A wide gulf between federal agencies on broadband competition

[Commentary] With the Department of Justice (DOJ) litigation to stop the AT&T-Time Warner merger set to go to trial on March 19, it is revealing to compare different views about network power from the agency’s perch on the north side of the Na

Op-ed: How to Monitor Fake News

[Commentary] The Mueller investigation of Russian efforts to influence the 2016 presidential election is shining a welcome light on the Kremlin’s covert activity, but there is no similar effort to shine a light on the social media algorithms that

Cybersecurity is not something; it is everything

[Commentary] Four years ago, the Obama Administration rolled out the Cybersecurity Framework from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

The state of tech policy, one year into the Trump administration

Nicol Turner-Lee: One year into his presidency, President Donald Trump is planning to release the details of his $1.7 trillion infrastructure plan during the State of the Union.

Building a secure 5G network without nationalization

[Commentary] When the outgoing Federal Communications Commission (FCC) cyber experts met with the Trump FCC and National Security Council (NSC) transition teams, they expressly informed them that a FCC retreat from ongoing cybersecurity activities

Destroying what made American broadcasting great

[Commentary] Historically, the Federal Communications Commission has carried out its congressional charge to uphold the public interest in the airwaves by protecting broadcaster’s obligation to localism.

Taming monopolies in the digital age

[Commentary] Our nation has faced the corrosive power of monopolies before.