Timothy Karr

The President's Attack on Public Broadcasting Puts Him at Odds with the American People

On March 16, the president proposed eliminating all federal funding for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, a main revenue source for hundreds of local NPR and PBS stations across the country.

Decoding the Doublespeak of FCC Chairman Pai

[Commentary] The Washington Post noted that Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai likes to talk the talk of bridging the digital divide—during his first speech as FCC chairman, he said it would be a top agency priority.

Are Police Biased Against Independent Journalists?

On Inauguration Day, police arrested six journalists who were covering protests in Washington (DC).

Don't Let Trump Kill Public Media

The Trump Administration is pushing a plan to axe funding to hundreds of local NPR and PBS stations around the country.

Five Years Later, SOPA and PIPA Serve as a Warning to the Trump Administration

Five years ago today, millions of people came together to shock Washington into action on behalf of the public.

Fighting for Techdirt and All Independent Media

[Commentary] Anyone who’s followed Techdirt’s reporting and analysis over the years knows how vital this news outlet has been when it comes to clearing the fog that often clouds policy debates about Net Neutrality, broadband access, spectrum alloc

Our Last, Best Chance to Reinvent Local News

[Commentary] Over the last 25 years, daily newspapers have shed as many as 25,000 newsroom jobs. The United States has just under half the number of local newspaper journalists working today as it did in 1990.

President-elect Trump's Communication Rights Wrecking Crew

[Commentary] One of President-elect Donald Trump’s top tech-policy advisers has a plan: Do away with the main agency that protects the rights of Internet users and media consumers in America. You heard that right.

Net Blocking: A Problem in Need of a Solution

[Commentary] For years a lineup of phone and cable industry spokespeople has called network neutrality “a solution in search of a problem.” In reality, many providers both in the US and abroad have a history of violating the principles of network

The Biggest Lie About Net Neutrality

[Commentary] One of the most persistent lies told in Washington is the notion that common carriage is a heavy-handed regulation that transforms innovative businesses into antiquated, government-run utilities.