Susan Crawford

The Next Generation of Wireless — “5G” — Is All Hype

[Commentary] When it comes to hype, “5G” is this year’s “cold fusion.”

The Limits of Net Neutrality

[Commentary] Network neutrality is about attempting to limit the power of Internet access network operators (like Charter or Comcast) to choose winners and losers among the services that have to use their wires — because, remember, competition is

There’s An Obvious Way to Create More Jobs.

[Commentary] With the highest percentage of fibered homes in the world, and fiber-connected cell towers everywhere, all kinds of digitally enhanced mobile wireless possibilities have emerged in Seoul, South Korea.

How Maine Saved the Internet

[Commentary] The town of Rockport (ME) opened its own gigabit-scale municipal fiber optic network -- meaning it can transmit a thousand megabits of data a second. It is the first such network in Maine.

Fox and Time Warner Need Each Other

[Commentary] Twenty-first Century Fox CEO Rupert Murdoch's plan makes sense, and Jeffrey Bewkes, Time Warner's whip-smart chief executive officer, will eventually find a partner. Why?

Don't Let Sprint Buy T-Mobile

[Commentary] For the same reason the merger of AT&T and T-Mobile US didn’t go through in 2011, a Sprint/T-Mobile joinder shouldn't be permitted either: No matter how the deal is conditioned, it will cause a reduction in competition.

Community Fiber in Washington, DC, Seattle, and San Francisco

This report provides detailed accounts of planning carried out in connection with community fiber networks in Washington (DC), San Francisco, and Seattle.

AT&T and DirecTV Team Up Against Customers

[Commentary] Just when you thought the information infrastructure industry in America couldn't be consolidated any further, AT&T has announced another merger.

Don't Let the Feds Rummage Through Cell Phones

[Commentary] When most human activities involve screens and sensors that automatically save data on remote computers, what legal standards should constrain law enforcement's access to that distant information?

Here’s Why the Comcast-Time Warner Merger is Bad

[Commentary] Among the many threats to the future of Internet access in the United States, nothing tops Comcast’s proposed $45 billion acquisition of Time Warner Cable.