Mark Jamison

It’s time bring US broadband subsidies up to world standards

[Commentary] Count yourself unlucky if you are a US telecommunications customer, because you have been funding a system that is far behind international standards.

Help the poor by dropping Lifeline

[Commentary] What would happen if the US Department of Energy decided to help low-income households afford solar power by giving money to companies which report that they lease solar panels to these households?

Can we modernize the FCC?

[Commentary] There seems to be a growing consensus that the Federal Communications Commission’s structure is outdated and hinders its work. What should be done?

Should we want a bipartisan FCC?

[Commentary] The short answer is, “No!” In an independent regulatory agency like the Federal Communications Commission, political alliances should be left at the door. That has not been the case the past few years and now is the time for change.

Let’s rethink market power in tech

[Commentary] In a nutshell, the traditional approach to assessing market power is to first define “market” and then define “power.” But what if markets are rapidly changing so that defining one is illusive?

Restoring effective leadership at the FCC

[Commentary] Outgoing Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler has often been criticized for his lack of effective leadership. Politicization, the decline of analytical work, and lack of transparency have plagued the agency.

Why Secretary Clinton’s broadband subsidies will fail

[Commentary] Do more subsidies actually finish a job and provide a net benefit? Apparently not. Customers’ spending habits are telling us they have other priorities.

Do we need the FCC?

[Commentary] The Federal Communications Commission under Chairman Tom Wheeler has come under increasing fire for suppressing economic analysis and being politically driven.

Can the Brits save the FCC?

[Commentary] Now that Brexit is underway, maybe we can ask the Brits to help us with some of our own independence problems.

Coming soon: The FCC chairman’s set-top box app

[Commentary] RIP, America’s robust video market. Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler has a plan for you and he doesn’t intend to let you refuse it.