Margaret Sullivan

Five ways President Trump can become media literate

[Commentary] With cries of “fake news” coming from all sides, schools are stepping up — teaching media literacy to help students distinguish rumor from fact, hoax from reality.

As Trump era nears, is the media ready for the challenge?

[Commentary] With Donald Trump’s Presidency at hand, the news-media landscape is unlike anything we’ve seen before. What can we expect in the months ahead? With the help of some expert observers, here are a few:

What TV journalists did wrong — and the New York Times did right — in meeting with Trump

[Commentary] On Nov 21, some of the biggest names in TV news trooped into Trump Tower for an off-the-record meeting with the president-elect. The meeting was a huge success — for President-elect Donald Trump.

Our First Amendment test is here. We can’t afford to flunk it.

What really makes America great? It’s the meaning of 45 words found in the Bill of Rights: The First Amendment. Donald Trump’s presidency is very likely to threaten those First Amendment rights.

What’s Gained and Lost as The Times Ends Many Blogs

[Commentary] When The Times launched its India Ink blog in September 2011, it noted that this was the paper’s “first-ever country-specific site for news, information, culture and conversation.” Now it’s gone.

Readers Say a ‘Net Neutrality’ Vote Was Reported Upside Down and Backward

[Commentary] Should a speedy Internet be available to everyone equally or are some users, in Orwell’s terms, “more equal than others”?

Gag Order From Israeli Court Raises Questions

[Commentary] The New York Times published an article about an Arab citizen of Israel -- a 23-year-old journalist and Palestinian rights advocate -- who was detained by Israeli authorities.