Lauren Frayer

Tech Adoption Climbs Among Older Adults

A record 46 million seniors live in the United States today, and older Americans – those age 65 and older – now account for 15% of the overall U.S. population.

President Trump talked of jailing journalists

Along with asking former FBI Director James Comey to drop the Bureau’s investigation of Michael Flynn, President Trump also talked about putting reporters in jail for publishing classified information.

President Trump Can’t Jail Journalists for Reporting Leaks – Or Can He?

Could reporters really go to jail for publishing leaks? The answer is probably not. But we don’t really know with 100 percent certainty because the federal government has never tried to jail reporters under such circumstances before.

Will Pai “Pull A Putin” And Hack the FCC Process? Or Will He Get Over Himself and Start Acting Like The Chairman?

[Commentary] In my 20+ years of doing telecommunications policy, I have never seen a Federal Communications Commission Chairman so badly botch a proceeding as Chairman Ajit Pai has managed to do with his efforts to repeal Net Neutrality.

Why net neutrality needs a congressional solution

[Commentary] Net neutrality advocates and opponents alike have demonstrated their steady investment in a specific outcome that juxtaposes regulation over no regulation.

Only Congress, Not the FCC, Can Fix Net Neutrality

[Commentary] In 2006, House Republicans passed legislation empowering the Federal Communications Commission to enforce the Open Internet Policy Statement, but the bill died in the Senate.

FCC Commissioner Clyburn: “Much rhetoric in [the Open Internet] proceeding is completely divorced from reality.”

[Commentary] One of the most unfortunate aspects of the net neutrality debate is its ability to bring out the worst sides of otherwise good people.

Why a Dedicated High Speed Broadband Network to Connect the Unconnected is a Game Changer

[Commentary] Recently, DigitalC launched the Connect the Unconnected program.

Georgetown Law’s New Institute for Technology Law & Policy Announces Appointment of Gigi Sohn as Distinguished Fellow

Georgetown Law’s Institute for Technology Law & Policy today announced the appointment of Gigi Sohn as a Distinguished Fellow.

Kids can handle the truth

[Commentary] On May 13, The New York Times ran a special kid-focused news section that included a full page of “truths” about children. What a shame that the editors didn’t believe in their own statement.