John Eggerton

Rep Conyers, GOP Reps, Call for FCC Release of Set-Top Text

House Judiciary Committee Ranking Member John Conyers (D-MI), has joined with House Republican leaders to call for the Federal Communications Commission to release the text of its set-top proposal before it votes on it.

Spectrum Auction Delays Nexstar-Media General Decision

It appears that any Federal Communications Commission action on the Nexstar-Media General license transfers will have to wait until the spectrum auction is concluded, absent a waiver the applicants have sought.

Court Schedules Argument in Effective Competition Suit

The US Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit has set oral argument for Nov 10 in telecommunication regulators' challenge to the Federal Communications Commission's decision on effective competition.

Advertisers Push Back on FCC Broadband Privacy Plan

The major associations representing billions of ad dollars have called on Congress to exercise its oversight to protect consumers and the economy from the Federal Communications Commission's proposed broadband privacy regulatory framework.

OMB Gets Earful On Enhanced Transparency

The Office of Management and Budget is hearing it from Internet service provides on the new enhanced transparency rules the Federal Communications Commission adopted, but has yet to implement, as part of the Open Internet order and what they argue

ACA: FCC Should Rethink Unlimited Data Requirement

The American Cable Association has told the Federal Communications Commission that it needs to rethink its requirement of an unlimited data usage offering for the top two performance tiers as a quid pro quo for getting broadband buildout subsidies

Rep Walden Vows Congressional Review of Crossownership

House Communications Subcommittee Chairman Greg Walden (R-OR) vowed that Congress is ready to overturn the Federal Communications Commission's recent ruling that prohibits broadcasters from buying newspapers in the same market.

Appeals Court Dismisses Time Warner Cable Set-Top Law

The Federal Communications Commission is trying to spur separate competition to cable-leased set-tops in the delivery of video programming, but according to one federal court, the two are inseparable.

Court Decision Raises Edge Provider Regulation Issues

A new federal court ruling leaves some doubt as to who can enforce consumer protections on search engines and other edge providers and perhaps other parts of the economy as well.

AT&T: CCIA 'Compromise' Is Gussied Up FCC NPRM

AT&T has taken aim at the Computer & Communications Industry Association in comments at the Federal Communications Commission, calling CCIA's compromise proposal on set-tops, "a thinly veiled repackaging of the notice of proposed rulemakin