John Eggerton

AT&T: Business Data Services 'Compromise' Is Giveaway

AT&T says the Verizon/INCOMPAS compromise business data services (BDS) proposal is "a sleeves off the vest" giveaway to Verizon that will slash AT&T prices and prove a "death knell" to broadband investment and 5G fiber deployment.

Wi-Fi Alliance Releases LTE-U Testing Plan

As advertised, the Wi-Fi Alliance has released its final plan for testing the co-existence of LTE-U and Wi-Fi.

Commerce Holding FTC Oversight Hearing, Broadband Privacy Expected to Be On Agenda

The Senate Commerce Committee has scheduled a Federal Trade Commission oversight hearing. Committee Chairman John Thune (R-SD) announced that the hearing will be Sept 27 at 10 am. Look for broadband privacy to be a hot topic of conversation.

House Judiciary Committee Will Look Into FCC Set-Top Plan

On the heels of a letter they joined on asking Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler to release the text of his set-top plan, the bipartisan leadership of the House Judiciary Committee have signaled they are going to hold hearings

FCC Chairman Wheeler Set-Top Plan Gets White House Shout-Out

Jason Furman, chairman of the White House Council of Economic Advisers, took the opportunity of a speech on competition policy in Chicago Sept 16 to endorse Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler's new set-top plan.

CenturyLink: Verizon Wants It Both Ways on BDS

CenturyLink says Verizon is trying to have it both ways on the competitiveness of the business broadband market, and thus the need for potential new rate regulations.

Rep Conyers, GOP Reps, Call for FCC Release of Set-Top Text

House Judiciary Committee Ranking Member John Conyers (D-MI), has joined with House Republican leaders to call for the Federal Communications Commission to release the text of its set-top proposal before it votes on it.

Spectrum Auction Delays Nexstar-Media General Decision

It appears that any Federal Communications Commission action on the Nexstar-Media General license transfers will have to wait until the spectrum auction is concluded, absent a waiver the applicants have sought.

Court Schedules Argument in Effective Competition Suit

The US Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit has set oral argument for Nov 10 in telecommunication regulators' challenge to the Federal Communications Commission's decision on effective competition.

Advertisers Push Back on FCC Broadband Privacy Plan

The major associations representing billions of ad dollars have called on Congress to exercise its oversight to protect consumers and the economy from the Federal Communications Commission's proposed broadband privacy regulatory framework.