Cecilia Kang

Comcast the little guy? There’s competition everywhere, the company argues.

Comcast says it has loads of competition -- everyone from Facebook to Apple, which Comcast says is contemplating a television set-top box to compete with cable service.

Comcast, Time Warner Cable merger faces a grilling in Washington this week

When Comcast sneezes, will too much of the technology industry catch a cold?

Why so many want Aereo to beat broadcasters in the Supreme Court

Precious little is known about Aereo, the online video startup that doesn't say how many subscribers it has in its select number of markets.

WhatsApp promises not to sell your data. Why you may be skeptical

For global messaging sensation WhatsApp, the privacy brouhaha that followed its sale to Facebook came as a rude surprise.

Google, learning little from Apple debacle, gets hit with its own kids’ app lawsuit

A class-action lawsuit filed against Google accuses the company of deceiving consumers about its in-app purchase system, which critics say makes it too easy for kids to spend money on their Android devices.