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This poll gave Americans a detailed case for and against the FCC’s net neutrality plan.

On the eve of a pivotal vote that would deregulate the broadband industry, a fresh survey from the University of Maryland shows that large majorities of Americans — including 3 out of 4 Republicans — oppose the government's plan to repeal its netw

AT&T’s courtroom conundrum: How to avoid paying an extra $500 million to Time Warner

On March 19, AT&T and the Justice Department are expected to head to court to decide the future of Time Warner in what could be a historic legal showdown over a massive $85 billion merger.

The FCC’s net neutrality plan may have even bigger ramifications in light of this obscure court case

The plan by the Federal Communications Commission to eliminate its network neutrality rules next week is expected to hand a major victory to Internet service providers.

How two decisions in Washington could turn AT&T into a uniquely powerful company

The future of AT&T could be shaped by two big decisions in Washington, with the Justice Department suing the company to block its $85 billion purchase of Time Warner and the Federal Communications Commission announcing a plan to roll back net

Facebook and Google’s enormous profits may buoy Wall Street. But it’s a different story in Washington.

The tech industry’s ongoing strong financial performance reflects a soaring economic outlook.

What to know about the FCC’s upcoming plan to undo its net neutrality rules

In earlier drafts of the network neutrality proposal, Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai has asked whether the agency should be involved in regulating Internet providers at all.

The arguments behind DOJ’s looming lawsuit with AT&T

As the Justice Department prepares for a legal showdown with AT&T over its $85 billion bid for Time Warner, analysts are debating whether the acquisition has potential harms for consumers and business competition that could sink the deal in co

How Verizon and Comcast are working to ensure states don’t pass their own net neutrality bills

Comcast and Verizon have both asked the Federal Communications Commission to make clear that the FCC's new policy on network neutrality — which could be put to a vote as early as Dec — will preempt state and local regulations that might read diffe

The rogue Twitter employee who deleted Trump’s account could face hacking charges

Despite some onlookers calling him — or her — a hero, the anonymous Twitter employee who pulled the plug on President Donald Trump's Twitter account before leaving the company may want to lawyer up, according to experts on computer law.

AT&T wants to close its deal with Time Warner. But first, it has to go through Makan Delrahim

The biggest corporate acquisition of the year is inching closer to resolution.