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AT&T offered this deal to 1,000 competitors to address concerns over Time Warner. Twenty have accepted.

As it became clear in November 2017 that the Department of Justice was heading for a legal  showdown with AT&T over its Time Warner merger, the company offered a proposal that it said would address the government’s concerns about competition.

To get rural kids online, Microsoft wants to put Internet access on school buses

Microsoft is looking to turn school buses into Internet-enabled hotspots in an experiment that’s aimed at helping students in rural Michigan do their homework.

Washington state’s net neutrality law is the beginning of a big headache for Internet providers

The Washington state network neutrality law marks the beginning of what analysts say could soon become a massive headache for Internet service providers (ISPs): a jumbled mix of state and federal rules that may be looser in some places and tougher

Inside the huge, low-profile alliance fighting to save the FCC’s net neutrality rules

Every week, a motley crew of tech wonks and legal experts meet in Washington to discuss the problem they've been grappling with for almost a year now: how to save the Federal Communications Commission's net neutrality rules.

A wave of new tech could give you more choice in broadband providers

SpaceX's worldwide network of thousands of orbiting devices that can beam Internet signals down to earth from low orbit, 5G data, and more efficient use of our airwaves -- all these could boost competition in your local broadband market in the com

AT&T demanded the DOJ hand over documents that could show Trump’s influence over the Time Warner deal. A judge said no.

A federal judge has ruled against AT&T in its effort to force the Justice Department to reveal whether President Donald Trump inappropriately interfered with a regulatory review of the telecommunication company's $85 billion Time Warner merger

AT&T demands Trump administration logs in court battle over Time Warner deal

AT&T is demanding that the Justice Department hand over additional evidence to prove that President Donald Trump did not wield political influence over the agency as its antitrust enforcers reviewed the company's bid to acquire Time Warner. DO wants to fight ad-blockers by using your PC to mine cryptocurrency

Claiming that ad-blockers have cut "deeply" into its revenue, the media company Salon is asking some readers to bolster its bottom line — by helping the site generate cryptocurrency.

This crafty tactic may let states get around the FCC on net neutrality

State governments are becoming pivotal players in the battle over net neutrality.

Facebook should run like your cable company, Rupert Murdoch says. How would that even work?

Rupert Murdoch — the Fox News founder and executive chairman of News Corp, which owns the Wall Street Journal — said that Facebook should support credible news organizations by paying them for their content.