Brian Fung

The question isn’t whether the Comcast merger is bad for consumers. It’s whether the alternative is better.

[Commentary] Comcast Xfinity customers in 14 states and DC are about to get a bump in Internet speeds.

The backlash to the Comcast merger is now bipartisan

Ever since Comcast unveiled its plan to take over the nation's second biggest cable company, liberals have been pretty upset about the idea.

What House lawmakers still don’t get about control of the Internet

America is the reason why everyone thinks the Internet is awesome and, more important, it's why Russia and China haven't already taken over the Web and foisted their draconian rules on the rest of us.

How a deal with Comcast could force Apple to cede tight control over its products

Apple is said to be seeking a dedicated fast-lane for its streaming product over Comcast's broadband pipes.

Why do governments keep banning social media when it never works out for them?

[Commentary] You'd think world leaders would know better. Shut down the Internet (or some services that it hosts), and the users will come after you.

The FCC and Rural Call Completion

The Federal Communications Commission is requiring phone companies with more than 100,000 domestic subscribers to submit aggregated reports on calls that customers make to rural areas.

Shocker! The more people use the Internet, the less they like Web censorship

According the Pew Research Center, Internet usage and support for net freedom share a close relationship -- no matter where you live.

How a laser beam could quadruple the speed of the Internet

Researchers from the California Institute of Technology say they've come up with a new kind of laser that's capable of quadrupling the bandwidth on today's fastest fiber optic networks.

These officials took the CIA to task in the 1970s for illegal spying. Now they want another investigation.

A team of former congressional investigators is calling for a new inquiry into the Central Intelligence Agency -- not unlike one they performed nearly four decades ago.

How AT&T and T-Mobile are ripping off their prepaid customers

Federal regulators may have approved AT&T's bid to merge with Leap Wireless, aka Cricket -- a deal that will add 5 million customers to AT&T's rolls.