Brian Fung

Microsoft is using your data to target political ads on Xbox Live

Microsoft is trying to persuade politicians to take out targeted ads on Xbox Live, Skype, MSN and other company platforms as midterm elections begin heating up around the country.

Last year’s CBS blackout was terrible for everyone. Here’s one idea to fix it.

[Commentary] Remember the Great CBS Blackout of 2013?

Republicans voted to condemn the NSA last month. Now at CPAC, they’re silent.

The Republican National Committee recently issued a major rebuke of the National Security Agency, condemning the spy agency's collection of bulk telephone records from American citizens.

It shouldn’t take a merger for low-income Americans to get cheap broadband

[Commentary] Comcast is extending its $10-a-month broadband program for low-income Americans.

Here’s why big cities aren’t getting Google Fiber anytime soon

[Commentary] Google's choice to enter new broadband markets depends on a few factors.